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Photographing Parents With Babies

Parent Images

As new parents you will be undoubtedly be tired, and possibly not looking your very best. But your baby already thinks you are the most beautiful parents ever 😊

Its so important to capture parents with their babies as these are the images you and your baby will treasure the most. Your baby will love to look back at the images I’ve captured and see what Mummy & Daddy looked like when they were just born. As parents you will be have lovely fond memories of those first few days too of when you became a family.

I simply adore taking individual images of dad and mum holding baby separately. Dad’s can sometimes be a bit nervous of either holding baby or of just simply having their photo taken, but I can guarantee they all love their images. It’s a time dad’s can bond with their baby because some mums may breastfeed so dads really don’t get to have as much time holding baby as they would like.

I love to capture the unconditional love mum’s have when cuddling their babies. Their expression and smile are heart-warming and this is why I love my job so much.

Skin to Skin images are just magical (especially if dads have tattoo’s) as the image becomes a piece of art in its own right. I also love the contrast between how small baby is in dad’s arms. As they won’t be this small for long, and looking back over your photos, reminding yourself they really were that small is a memory you will cherish.

The first few weeks after having a baby is a blur. If you don’t capture these fleeting moments in camera they can be gone for good.

I create heirloom images that generations can enjoy. I supply beautiful bespoke wall art to suit any home and albums that the entire family can look upon for years to come. Digital files so you can recreate prints to your hearts content. I really do have something for everyone as I believe everyone should have these memories to look back on.

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