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Maternal Mental Health Week

This is such an important topic and something which is now getting recognised more and more. Please don't suffer in silence there is so much help out their for mums suffering from post natal depression now, and you are not alone.

During these difficult times new mums will be more anxious then normal, worried about missing out on their maternity leave and missing out on all the fun activities you may have had planned with your babies. But there is still so much out there for new mums - we are lucky enough to live in times where we have amazing technology and ways to stay in touch with others.

Some other ways to help with your maternal mental health could be;

To be creativity - this is one way that has kept me focused and my mind active during lockdown. I've taken up writing, something I've never had time for before. I've also being doing a lot of personal projects with my photography. There are so many ways to be creative - baking and cooking can be a way to release tension and its also something the kids can get involved in too.

Exercise is another great way to release feel good endorphins. Exercising first thing in the morning or just simply going for a walk will help the day ahead look that little bit brighter. There are a lot of keep fit classes out there that are currently working via zoom, classes especially designed for new mums, One Fit Mama, based in the West Midlands is one you can connect with ( or if you prefer yoga ( . I personally love yoga and it really helps focus the mind and body.

Which leans me onto Mediation - something I too have tried during lockdown. It really does help concentrate the mind and help you be in the present. There are so many apps out there to try this, give it a go.

Simply taking 5 mins for yourself. We all need that little bit of time for ourselves, take a bath, read a book, just sit in the garden with no distractions will all really help relax and calm any axieties you may feel.

Staying in touch with other mums - if you haven't any friend mums, then join some of the baby groups out there even if it is via zoom at the moment. Mandy at Blossom Wellbeing is currently running classes all week based around the subject of Maternal Mental Health - give her a follow on instagram & facebook and get in touch, reach out and listen to other mums stories will help you feel less alone.

Stay safe everyone and know that you are not alone.

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