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What To Look For When Booking A Newborn Photographer

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

There are many different newborn photographers in Birmingham and it can be a little overwhelming when choosing the photographer for you and your family. I hope this blog will help you decide weather I am the photographer for you or if someone else might be.

Style: One of the first things I advise people to do is to really look at is my art work and my galleries, I do not want people to book me just because I’m the closest photographer to them. Newborn Photography is an art form and like all art it is an investment therefore I want people to book me because they love my style and imagery.

There is so many different styles out there where some photographers may opt for bright colours and large props setups for example. If this is what you would like then I would not book me, and that’s okay! Photography is personal and must appeal to you and your families taste.

Recommendations: Well over half of my clients come from word of mouth and recommendations. Many of my clients are also returning clients when their families expand. You can read my testimonials by clicking HERE

Training and Safety – Newborn photography is a skill and requires specific training. Your photographer should ideally have invested in newborn photography training & how to safely pose babies with confidence and care. This should be the most important reason to book any photographer. Look at a photographers images and you will see if the baby looks comfortable or ask the photographer what safety training they have. I also work with a “Spotter” who is someone who always has a reassuring hand safely on the babies when we are posing them. Just because the photographer is a mum or dad does not mean they are trained in the safety of newborn photography. I have invested in my photography for years and will continue to invest in my work. I have trained with two of the industries best and well known newborn photographers ( Kelly Brown & Russ Jackson ) I have also trained in the art of maternity photography with the amazing Lola Melani ( New York’s no. 1 maternity / fashion photographer ) I have trained with the best so I can offer the best service and art to my clients.

I have worked in this industry for over 13 years now and I’m still just as passionate about every single baby take comes into our studio as the very first baby that entered our studio all those years ago. I’m always learning and I love to be creative and produce art that will last a life time for every person that walks (or is carried) into our studio.

Pricing: This is the most confusing part for parents with so many photographers to choose from, and such vast differences in pricing. I know having a baby is expensive, and people have varying budgets. But saving for the right photographer will be worth it.

You will have the images for years and years to come, the saying “you get what you pay for ” is very true. I offer products of the highest standards as I know the work I produce will be on your wall for years to come and passed down through the generations. My prices reflect that, and as I said earlier newborn photography is an investment.

Am I the right photographer for you? Watch a video of me at work on my website, ( check out my images and style do you like the colours and styling I use? Do you like the poses I do? Am I in your price range? If so feel free to email me at to find out my availability and more information.

Please do not regret booking a newborn shoot whether it is with me or another photographer, those early days whizz by and if you blink you will miss it unless its captured on camera for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Michelle x

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