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Newborn Posing Techniques


When I first started in newborn photography I found it invaluable to attend  1-2-1 sessions where I could be hands-on and really get a feel of how newborn photography is captured. It helped elevate my work to level I dont think is acheivable by theory alone.

Putting this course together has allowed me to offer other photographers the chance to learn the art of posing newborn babies first hand - in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

In this course I'll be showing you how to safely pose Newborn babies in 7 of the most popular poses including babies posed on beanbag and wrapped in props set-ups.

I'll also show you my workflow during a shoot and how you can transition from different poses without waking baby.

You'll learn how to maximise and perfect each shot so you can create absolute best in camera results - this will prevent over-shooting and speed up post-production.

A complete guide to posing newborn babies in your studio. Follow these 12 proven techniques at your own pace to ensure you capture those timeless images. The course will consist of the following -

  • Heatlh & Safety

    • Studio Safety

    • Parent & Baby Well-being

  • Setting up the studio

    • Equipment & Props

    • Lighting & Camera

  • Preparing the Client

  • Editing & Actions

  • Refreshments provided

  • Course runs 9.30am - 3.30pm

  • All this for £550 (inc vat)

Posing Techniques.

  • Baby Lying on Front pose

  • Lying on Side & Back poses

  • Leaning Forward pose

  • Parents & Siblings Poses

  • Props & Basket poses

  • Wrapping Tecniques

  • Full Wrap - Potato Sack pose

  • Rice Wrap - Basket pose

  • Womb Wrap - Basket pose

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