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Baby Groups

Are Baby groups for you?

When my first daughter, Gracie, was born I researched a few local groups for us to attend. I thought this would be a great way to get out of the house and have some bonding time with my baby and enjoy the company of other mums. The first group I attended was a Stay & Play group but unfortunately this was the one group I didn’t enjoy. I found them extremely boring. Gracie would sit on a mat and play with toys, just like she would at home. It was simply a way for mums to get out of the house and mingle with other mums but it wasn’t for.

I did start a baby massage class which I did love – I was taught techniques I could use at home and it really did relax and help Gracie and me through the difficult times of teething. It was something I could get enjoyment out of too.

I also attended a dramatic story telling group when Gracie was a little bit older – where the children and story teller used their imaginations to tell a story. It was great fun, creative and interactive so parents could get involved too. Something that was right up my street and Gracie’s 😊

When my 2nd daughter was born in September last year (2016) I made sure I was on the list straight away for Water Babies as there is a long waiting list and I didn’t want to start a class when she was a year old as she would have missed out on so much. We go once a week and we both love it. It’s a great way to enhance her development and of course teach her vital life skills plus I’m also getting a bit of exercise win win 😊

I was also determined to get back into shape asap. I have found it a lot harder to lose the baby weight 2nd time around so I joined a Mum Fit class local to me. We could bring our children, there was a crèche area where a child minder would watch them whilst we worked out. The babies are always in the same room as you and you can stop to feed and comfort baby if needed. It was also somewhere you know the other ladies are all in the same boat as you – ladies with baby weight they want to shift.

I didn’t do any ante-natal classes when I was pregnant with my first and really regarded it but I was determined to do some 2nd time around. I took part in a Birth Fit class (ran by the same lady who now runs my Mum Fit class ) it was great as there was no pressure to do too much and she gave great advice during every class on pregnancy.

I also took part in Yogabellies. I must say, this was by far my most enjoyable class I did whilst pregnant and I cannot recommend it enough. It was amazing how the breathing techniques we were taught helped during labour. It helped focus your mind and relax your body and I always had an amazing sleep after every class.

I want to continue with my yoga and Amanda does do a yoga class you can take your children too but unfortunately these are on a day I can’t do (at the moment anyway) but I will definitely be joining up soon when I can.

Don't settle for something you don't enjoy yourself, if you don’t enjoy the class your surroundings or the people then don’t go back it’s as simple as that Your baby will just love being with you and having any bond is what your baby requires.

Baby Massage classes are taught by a practitioner who will show you how to calm and sooth your baby. Its also a way to bond and spend some quiet time together away from the home and any other distractions. The benefits of baby massage include for digestion and circulation as well and helping baby sleep and relax baby during teething.

Yogabellies – Prenatal yoga class that is gentle and safe for pregnant ladies of all levels whether you are a beginner or have had years of experience. It prepares you for the birth through deep relaxation and breathing techniques – Both baby massage & yogabellies are ran by Amanda Rees

Baby Swimming Classes – offer an amazing experience for you and your baby. It enhances baby’s development and co-ordination as well as boosting their confidence

Birth Fit & Mum Fit – Fitness and wellbeing classes for pregnancy and postnatal ran by midwifes and fitness experts. Birth fit helps you to keep active and fit during your pregnancy. Mum fit helps you recover and regain strength in your stomach and pelvic floor muscles, lose weight and make you feel good. Jayne Hume

Baby / toddler groups – there are various stay & play, messy play, singing groups in all areas. You can search your local stay & play group by visiting

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