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Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Most of my clients have never been to a photographer before and it can be very daunting and scary to hand over your two-week-old baby to a complete stranger. You will, naturally, have lots of questions when choosing the right photographer for you. So why choose Michelle White Photography, and what makes me stand out from the others?

I would like to give you top tips on how to get the best from your newborn art experience;

Never too early to book

First, it’s never too early to book, as my diary fills up very quickly. Most couples book just after their 20-week scan and others a lot earlier still. Babies rarely arrive on their due date so how it all works;

I work a floating diary system where I pencil in dates around your due date to ensure baby is photographed within two weeks of arriving whether that is early, late or on time. I simply ask that I’m “put on the list” of people you would be contacting after baby has arrived to let me know they’re here and I will then be able to schedule in your session date.

Please never assume I will have availability if you try to book me after baby is born. I always try to be accommodating and flexible where possible, but to get the most from your session baby is best photographed under two weeks old, older than this they can start to uncurl and be a lot more alert and there will be poses I just simply won’t be able to capture for you.

Baby Has arrived! 😊

Congratulations that’s wonderful news – As dad or mom have let me know baby arrived I’m able to comfortably schedule in their newborn session within the small window available of two weeks. I will ensure you are fully informed about how to get the most from your session by emailing/discussing tips on how to prepare for your session. I will also go over all the main points again with you either the night before the session or the morning of, to ensure things go smoothly for you and your baby. Please don’t worry if things don’t go to plan, I’ve been told I’m a baby whisper and very experienced in soothing and settling babies.

The Session

Please feel free to bring along any personal items you would like to have photographed with baby as we will always try to incorporate these for you. I do provide all props, headbands, wraps, baskets etc so there really is no need to bring anything with you just bottles to feed baby.

Please have a look at my work before you arrive and let me know if there are any images you do like and again any you don’t like. As each pose can take some time to get right and I don’t want to be wasting our time if it’s something you don’t like. Please don’t worry about offending me, Art is a very personal thing I just want to get it right for you.

Please let me know if you are running late for the session. I do remember what it was like to leave the house for the first time with a newborn baby, I am flexible but just please let me know.

During the session – we just want you to sit back and relax and watch us take stunning images of your baby. We will keep you supplied with plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits etc, or simply have a little snooze on our comfortable sofa, it really has happened before 😊

Your baby is in very safe hands, I have been photographing children for almost 12 years now and have literally photographed hundreds of babies. My husband, Chris always assists in the studio. He is what we call in the industry as a “Spotter” as baby’s safety is the most important thing to us. I am fully trained in the safety of newborn photography by this country’s most renowned newborn photographers. I am also a very proud member of the Masters Photographer Association (MPA) Where I have won many awards for my art work. I do feel, all of this combined does help me stand out from so many other photographers out there. I cannot stress enough how important it is to work with a spotter and have a photographer who is fully trained in the safety of newborn photography. We have two young children of our own, Gracie 8 and Esme 5 years old, so we can relate to any worries you may have.

We will talk you through how we plan out your session, choose the colour scheme, and discuss props. I will then work my magic and create stunning art work for you to treasure forever.

Viewing Session

After we have finished in the studio we will schedule in your viewing session, so please bring your diaries with you. I try to bring you back in asap and it is always within two weeks after your session. Once you have viewed your images in our cinematic setting, you can then purchase any art work you wish from the product guide I gave you to take away with you. I will of course assist with any recommendations of frames, colours etc if needed.

And that is it 😊 I hope this has helped you understand how it all works and reassured you about why I stand out from the others and why I offer more than just a photography session, I offer an experience.

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