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The question we get asked the most...

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

The main question I get asked is “How does it all work when I don’t know the actual date my baby will arrive?”

It’s a great question and we get asked this more then any other question. As we all know babies are unpredictable and don’t always appear when they say they will. Its very rare a baby actually arrives on their given due date, unless you have a selected C-Section.

Ladies are never usually allowed to go more than 14 days over their due date, if baby hasn't arrived 14 days after their given due date mums are usually induced to bring on their labour.

If babies arrive early, and most of the babies I’ve had in the studio recently have arrived early. From 2 weeks to 2 months early! Its all ok as we can manage our diary accordingly. I’ve worked with probably more premature babies then most photographers within my area and if you read my last blog about Prem babies you will know how we work around the best time to come into the studio.

So how it all works from my perspective is, if little one is super keen to meet mummy & daddy and arrives early or if baby is extra comfy and stays put a little while longer that’s fine as I limit my appointments to allow for these occasions. This allows me to be more flexible with my appointments and still be able to guarantee baby will be captured within the first two weeks of arriving

This is why its so important to book in with me whilst you are still pregnant – sometimes I may be able to fit mums & dads in last minute but its not very often.

To make sure we capture your new arrival under 14 days old we ask you to add us to your friends and family list, and to call, text or email as soon as your little one arrives. This will allow us to change your floating slot into a fixed appointment and guarantee that we can capture some beautiful images of your new family that you will treasure for ever.

I hope this has helped explain the main questions we all asked regarding newborn photography.

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