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Creating the Perfect Environment for Newborn Babies & their Parents

Understanding babies and what makes them comfortable is paramount during a newborn session.

Babies have just spent nine months in the womb where the temperature is about 100F / 37.7 C so babies tend to be at their most relaxed when in a warm room. Its also very noisy inside the womb so turning up the ambient sound within the studio will also help babies to feel more comfortable.

I tend to set my studio temperature at around 80F / 26C which seems to be the most comfortable temperature for newborn babies - additionally this temperature will also keep babies skin nice & peachy as cold skin on a baby can often look blotchy.

Whilst babies are in the womb they can hear their mother’s heartbeat, and tune into her voice. Its important babies hear the mothers voice so there is no need to be quiet during a newborn session – instead I turn up the white noise and talk all the time to the parents so babies can hear their voices and know they are not far away.

Happy Parents make for a happy baby

Clients are usually extremely tired from lack of sleep which adds to the stresses that comes with a new addition to the family. Newborns pick up on their parents stress levels so the more relaxed and comfortable I keep Mum & Dad the better it is for everyone. If parents fall asleep on my sofa, that’s even better as I know they feel comfortable with me. I discuss poses and set ups with parents and respect that they are new parents and obviously very anxious about a stranger handling their most precious baby. I try to reassure parents as much as possible, I too am a parents so I do totally understand. I’ve created a little video where you can see us working behind the scenes on a newborn session, please do go and view it here's the link.

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