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Multi-Award Winning Photographer

Updated: Aug 17, 2021


I recently submitted 5 images to The Portrait Maters Awards which is a global awards ceremony ran by the amazing Sue Bryce, the queen of portraiture. Sue is a massive influencer in the photography industry and to have your work judged by her is an honour on its self.

It’s the first time I entered these awards and I really didn’t know what to expect? I was so happy to receive a Bonze, with Distinction, for 5 out of 5 images I entered. To get a Bronze on it own was a difficult task but have received the awards with distinction - I was ecstatic!

Its been a very long time since I submitted images to an awards ceremony – the last time was with the MPA ( Masters Photography Association ) which is only for British photographers. I achieved merits for my work so this time going up against amazing photographers all over the world was scary but I’m so please I entered. It’s given me the confidence to push myself further and I’m hopefully going to work towards becoming an accredited photographer (an amazing achievement within our industry)

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them” Chris Grosser

Great quote and so true, you have to create your own opportunities to succeed. I will hopefully be entering more images in the next round of awards in September and this time I hope to achieve Silver 😊

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