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Styling our Maternity & Mum & Me sessions

Updated: Jan 19

During our Maternity sessions I use a lot of silk & Satin materials for draping & styling our clients to give the feeling of elegant, fashionable garments. By using materials in this way I can use these garments on all body sizes and in lots of different ways - instead of just buying one dress that is one size and one style. Being more creative with material makes ladies feel more comfortable when they do step into my studio.

My inspiration for styling my own sessions in this way came from Lola Melani, one of the best maternity photographers in the world. I’ve been privileged to have attended one of her workshops back in 2017 when she visited England from America. Ever since then I have noticed a huge improvement in my maternity photography and I have taken so much inspiration from her.

During lockdown I made a lot of dresses for our Mum& Me sessions as there was a lot of new mums who had sadly missed out on their newborn sessions. I offered all the new mums a timeless, memorable photography session with their older babies. My aim is to make all Mums feel glamourous in our beautiful gowns and studio setting. I've also introduced a new flower wall & more choice of textured backdrops.

The latest dresses I've created are made using floral materials. Organza Lace & vintage rose satin. I'm also in the process of making a Power Mesh dress so look out for lots of new styles coming soon

All girls love a bit of pampering and glamour, and that’s exactly what I want to offer to all my clients. Empowering ladies through all stages of motherhood

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