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What Inspires Me

Updated: May 4, 2020

My passion is photography and art. I've always been a creative person and over the years I've had a lot of people to aspire to.

During my university days I was particularly inspired by women in photography. Cindy Sherman intrigued me in the way she was always disguising herself as an ever-changing range of characters. Her style of work was self-portraiture and about identity which always left its meaning open to interpretation. Brooke Shaden who also photographs herself, uses symbolism and her love for the dark arts in her work – this fascinates me and inspired me to achieve the art I did whilst at university. My final dissertation was based on my dreams, symbolism and the dark arts. I would have loved to have taken them as self portraits but I wasn’t confident enough at the time to do this so instead my house mates kindly offered to model for me – I loved that they were part of my journey with me.

I love portraiture whether its self-portraiture, family, friends loved ones etc to be able to capture a moment in time a memory of that person for us all look back on in years to come. Photography is a way of creating memories for everyone to enjoy. Everyone loves to look back over old photos of themselves and loved ones, to reminisce - this is the reason I adore photography so much.

I love that I am able to create life as art in the portraits I create. When my daughters were born I took hundreds of photos of them, as most parents do, and the newborn images I took of them hang pride and place in our home. I love to look back at their newborn images. This is what inspired me to capture this style of photography for others to enjoy too. This is where my passion for newborn photography began. I did photograph babies before I had children but none were as young as a few days old, the youngest I use to photograph was probably only about 2 months old.

People who have inspired me in my journey as a newborn photographer are Kelly Brown, Russ Jackson, Lola Melani – there are many more but these three people have been my main inspiration.

I will continue to create timeless portraitures and also create my own artistic style of self-portraiture as alternative projects to keep my creativity active. I am constantly learning and being inspired by others around me.

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